Luks Marbella Investors Club ofrece a los compradores e inversores de propiedades un paquete completo de servicios de asesoría profesional GRATUITOS y completamente independiente en la Costa del Sol.

No vendemos propiedades, ayudamos a los compradores a encontrar o construir la propiedad adecuada teniendo en cuenta presupuesto, ubicación y objetivos en términos de retorno de la inversión y utilización, entre otras variables.

Tenemos acceso a todas las propiedades listadas por más de 1,400 agencias inmobiliarias en la Costa del Sol, así como a ofertas de reposesión bancaria, nuevas promociones y oportunidades de desarrollo de terrenos.

Con nuestro equipo de expertos, que hemos construido desde 2013 incluido nuestro asesor financiero independiente registrado por EFPA y totalmente calificado, podemos proporcionarle las consultas legales, fiscales, bancarias, arquitectónicas y de diseño de interiores más completas y profesionales.

¡Contáctenos hoy para una consulta personalizada, GRATUITA y sin compromiso!


Apartamento Planta Baja
Nueva Promoción: Precios desde € 313,000 a € 1,667,000. [Dormitorios: 1 a 3] [Baños: 1 a 3 ...
1 1 80 m2 19 m2
Apartamento Planta Media
Nueva Promoción: Precios desde € 369,000 a € 699,000. [Dormitorios: 2 a 4] [Baños: 2 a 3] ...
2 2 93 m2 30 m2
Villa - Chalet
Nueva Promoción: Precios desde € 1,350,000 a € 1,490,000. [Dormitorios: 3 a 4] [Baños: 3 a ...
3 3 229 m2 86 m2

Why Luks Marbella - our story

Luks Marbella started in 2013 initially with the idea of a lunch 🥗(like many good ideas start 😎)

The lunch was to unite Russian speaking business women on Costa del Sol ☀️ and give them a platform for networking, uniting, developing relationships and projects together 🤝

Lunch with about 45 ladies turned into a brainstorming session on what else could make their business and social life better.

From there, very quickly we launched a digital Business Guide, a VIP Club, TV, web, and our many events.

That first year was explosive - with these platforms we didn’t just unite the Russian speaking community, but also became the bridge 🌉 between them and the local international networks

👉Many new friendships and collaborations later, our Investors Club was launched by high demand, which originally was to serve the members of our VIP club, but soon grew into an international property buyers channel

Our service is still exclusive in that its niche is to only represent the interests of the buyers, investors and tenants, not the sellers’

🗺Additional services to our clients include all types of collaborations that we had built over the years through our VIP club and other activities

📌So, our focus is not selling a property, but to provide our clients with the dream home, business and lifestyle they deserve

🛤Our philosophy is long term relationships with our clients beyond the property, to be their guide to a happy family life on Costa del Sol.

🧩So, many of our new clients are friends and family of our existing clients, which is what we strive for - a close circle of friends and family united through our Investors and VIP club and supported by all our team, partners, exclusive events and platforms

🎟Want to join our happy club? Contact us today for the best lifestyle, which begins with the dream property and has endless benefits and opportunities!

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What does it take to be the leading property team?

Over the recent months, we have received almost daily applications and requests from agents and candidates to join our amazing growing team

Their reasons for wanting to join us are normally:

📌 The company where they worked has gone out of business or is soon to close
📌 They’ve been working on their own for years but in the current climate it’s become too tough
📌 They’re friends of our team and got inspired by our team’s success
📌 They found out that we’re probably the 🔝 company to financially reward our team
📌 They love the reputation and brand that we’ve built over the years
📌 They want to be part of our fun supportive atmosphere
📌They believe that Luks Marbella will fly even higher in 2021 with our new offices and strategies

We obviously can’t take on all these great candidates, as our growth has to be solid and organic

So, the last 3 team members we took because:

👩‍💼Emma @emma_luksmarbella - she’s a fantastic relationship builder, loves communication and is great at it. Her enthusiasm, initiative and commitment are really impressive

👨‍💻Vladimir @vladi_luksmarbella_properties - he’s been knocking on our door for about 2-3 years. His perseverance and passion about being part of our company has wowed us and his energy is inspirational

👩‍💻Anne @anneundhjem - she’s so full of positive vibes and is a real team player. Anne’s honesty, transparency, integrity and loyalty have been key for choosing her to represent us to the international clients

♻️In return, we provide our team with all the training, tools, support, flexibility, guidance, motivation, financial rewards and fun team atmosphere that they deserve.

✅We believe that our clients should have only the very best team that loves what they do and excel at it.

So, from 100 agents applying to join us, we hand-pick only 2-3 best of the best, so you can imagine that each of them really is the most qualified to help you make your property dream come true!

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Getting personal with the team - Anne Undhjem @anneundhjem

Today in the spotlight one of our international PR managers: Anne Undhjem

Anne started by being one of our valued collaborators and because of our great chemistry and dynamic of working together, fairly quickly joined our team. She’s a fantastic asset because of her team spirit, integrity and transparency, as well as her passion for marketing our services to high profile clients

▶️A little about you?
◀️I was born in Norway 🇳🇴 and moved to Marbella a few years ago. I love horse 🐎 riding, motorbikes 🏍, and keeping fit 💪. Luxury properties is one of my hobbies and I love showing international clients some amazing villas on the Costa del Sol!

▶️Why do you love Marbella?
◀️ It’s so vibrant and international, so full of great people and opportunities, a lot of fun, beautiful places and fantastic climate ☀️ 320 days a year!

▶️ Your top 3 favorite restaurants/cafés
◀️ La Sala @lasalabanus in Banús is always good fun any day of the week; In the summer I also like trendy chiringuitos like Playa Padre @playapadre or Plage Casanis @la_plage_casanis , which also have plenty of tasty healthy options.

▶️ Your favourite new build complex on the Coast?
◀️ I love TreeTops villas in San Pedro, great investment in that area for under €700,000, ideal location. Also The Edge in Estepona for glamorous beachfront lifestyle and so much common infrastructure!

▶️ What makes you tick?
◀️ My family, friends, dogs 🐶, honesty and hot business opportunities!

You can contact Anne on 📲

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New year - New home!

🎄Over the holiday season many make the decision to move to a new home 🔑

🏡New home is a new beginning, fresh start, often to adapt to new circumstances - a new baby on the way, change of work or business place, or just at long last fulfilling that dream 💫.

Whilst many know exactly what they want, and can literally visualize their dream property, others just have a vague idea.

We love 💗 working with both types of clients to help them find and buy that dream home 🏖 on Costa del Sol

🌠We believe that this exciting big step should be fun smooth process for our clients, so we do all the “boring” work of research, checks, searches, pre-viewings etc behind the scenes, so that the clients get to enjoy just the best parts over a glass of 🥂!

📲Contact us today, tell us about your dream property and objectives and let us wave our magic wand 🪄 and take care of the rest!

Between our SuperTeam and many fantastic partners, we have specialists on every type of property and area, from little investment apartments to luxury villas and business premises - all at best possible prices negotiated on your behalf by our agents and directors.

📲 / 💻

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Get your vitamin Sea in Marbella!

Many of you are still unable to visit our beautiful paradise 🏖, but soon travel restrictions will ease and you can join us in enjoying this wonderful sunny ☀️ coast 🌊!

This is your little sneak preview of the sound of sea, that’s here waiting for you!

We have been busy making many fantastic collaborations with the best suppliers on Costa del Sol to make sure your 2021 vacation is the best one yet! To make up for this time that you weren’t able to travel 🧳 and give yourself much deserved relaxation and pampering break!

So, you can trust us to arrange every little detail of an unforgettable holiday - from selecting the best villa accommodation, to airport pick up, welcome gifts 🎁, in-house catering of delicious Spanish paella 🥘 to BBQ or healthy meals by some of the best Chefs👩‍🍳

Babysitting, beauty treatments, yacht 🛥 excursions - we have you covered!

Ask us about some very special offers and deals for early bookings of amazing beach villas!


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🎉Happy holidays from our LuksMarbella family to yours!

🗺 Our clients, friends and partners come from many different countries, cultures and religions, so we wish each and every one of you the best of whatever you’re celebrating this festive season!

We celebrate Christmas 🎄, New year 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣, 3 Kings 👑 🤴🏼 👑, Old orthodox Russian Christmas and the Chinese New Year too!

May your celebrations 🥳 be with your loved ones, warm and happy, may you & all your nearest and dearest be in good health and strong enough to face and overcome any challenges!

🙌What we learnt the most from this year, is that together we’re each other’s rock and support, that being surrounded by wonderful people that you trust helps you come through even the toughest of times, which many faced this year.

🙏We are forever grateful for all these amazing people in our team and for those who have become closer this year, be it as clients, collaborators or business partners, many of whom we have the pleasures and honour of calling our friends.

We will be taking a little break to recharge energy and get ready for a fantastic New Year that’s waiting for all of us just around the corner!

Enjoy your special time with your family and friends and see you in 2021 🎆 !

With love,
Juan, Marina, Polina, Mona, Natalia B, Irina, Vladimir, Anne, Emma, Ramón, John & Natalia M xx

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Christmas 🎄& New year in Marbella

Last week Junta Andalucía has published its new decree with more relaxed mesures for the festive period due to very favourable evolution of the key health indicators 🙌.

Within that, from 18/12/2020 we can enjoy:

⭐️ Unlimited movement across Andalucía region to all of its 8 provinces, including Granada

⭐️This means also skiing ⛷ in Sierra Nevada @sierranevadaestacion (❗️Note that this year it’s just 50% capacity there and the forfeit passes Must be bought online in advance!j

⭐️ Corfew is now 23h-06h, ⏰with the exception of 24/12 & 31/12, when it’s extended to 01.30am

⭐️ Restaurants can open ⏱from the morning until 18h, and then again 20-22.30, so you can enjoy festive breakfast, lunch and dinner 🍽.

⭐️ On 24/12 & 31/12, restaurants can open until 01.00h, so you can take advantage of many special New Year’s Eve dinner parties 🎉

⭐️ Shops 🛍 and other commercial businesses can stay open in their normal hours, so plenty of time to buy all your Christmas presents 🎁. Apart from the lovely local shops like in Marbella’s Old Town @cascoantiguomarbella you can also visit the Málaga Outlet @mcarthurglenmalaga

⭐️ There are also many great workshops and master classes, including for kids, like at Incontro @incontromarbella and OWL @organic_with_love_marbella , from Christmas decorations to festive cookie 🍪 making

⭐️ Of course there are also all the usual SPA 🧖‍♀️, Golf 🏌️‍♀️ , @casinomarbella_ and many other fun activities on Costa del Sol as all year around!

🏖If you’re planning to spend your Christmas vacation here, let us find you a perfect holiday rental accommodation with many special offers available right now! ⚜️We can also take care of all your other requests - from booking your special parties (even a home visit from Santa 🎅!), to car 🚗 rental and VIP shopping experience with our concierge service.

Whether it’s a staycation or a vacation, enjoy this lovely season in our little sunny ☀️ paradise!

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Estamos muy contentos de que haya un servicio tan rápido y exclusivo como el de Luks Marbella Investors Club, y por supuesto, hay una gran ventaja de que sus servicios son absolutamente gratuitos para los compradores de propiedades.

Nos escucharon atentamente y comprendieron perfectamente nuestras necesidades y nos ayudaron a cumplirlas en condiciones ideales y en poco tiempo.

No tuvimos que ir a las agencias por separado; todo el trabajo de búsqueda, selección, coordinación de visitas, comunicación con agencias y propietarios, negociación y organización de todos los demás elementos del proceso de compra para nosotros fue organizado por su equipo.

Gracias a ellos, no solo ahorramos tiempo, sino también dinero. Con su ayuda, adquirimos nuestra propiedad en las condiciones más favorables ya que representan sólo nuestros intereses como compradores y no los intereses de vendedores o intermediarios.

✅¡En el futuro, planeamos comprar solo a través de Luks Marbella y también lo recomendamos a nuestros amigos!

Nikolay y Anna

Mi experiencia ha sido muy buena! Han sido muy profesionales y han hecho todo el proceso de compra de mi propiedad muy fácil y agradable.

Mi solicitud fue hacerlo rápido y me han apoyado por todo el camino, ¡incluso en áreas en las que ni hubiera pensado que podrían ayudarme!

¡Sus servicios son 1000% recomendados! ¡Gracias, Marina y Juan!


✅Si desea comprar una casa en la Costa del Sol, le recomendamos que utilice los servicios de Luks Marbella Investors Club.

✅Teníamos prioridades y requisitos claros, con ciertas condiciones financieras, y gracias a Marina y Juan, hemos logrado hacer realidad nuestro sueño.

✅Apreciamos mucho su paciencia, consejo y asistencia en cada paso del proceso. Organizaron más de 20 visitas según nuestros criterios, coordinándolos personalmente con todas las agencias y propietarios.

✅E incluso cuando parecía que la transacción ya no tendría lugar (debido a la culpa del vendedor), aún así pudieron proteger nuestros intereses y ayudar a resolver los problemas que habían surgido.

Así que, ¡les damos las gracias de Año Nuevo y nuestras recomendaciones sinceras desde nuestra nueva casa familiar!

Natalia y Cristian

¡Recomendamos a Luks Marbella Investors Club y su equipo profesional por ayudarnos a encontrar y comprar nuestra casa de vacaciones perfecta en Marbella!

Íbamos a contactar a diferentes agencias inmobiliarias pero nos dimos cuenta de que este servicio gratuito de asistencia en la compra de propiedad significó todo eso y mucho más por nosotros.

Entendieron exactamente lo que necesitábamos y rápidamente encontraron algunas opciones excelentes para elegir, coordinaron todo con los bancos, agencias y organizaron todas las visitas. Nos acompañaron personalmente, nos asesoraron sobre todos los beneficios y desventajas potenciales de diferentes áreas y urbanizaciones, nos ayudaron a obtener una hipoteca y un gran asesor legal, así como nos ayudaron a negociar y cerrar el trato.

Usando sus servicios el proceso fue mucho más fácil y conveniente, sobre todo porque vivimos en Londres y nos organizaron todo de forma remota.

¡Ahora estamos muy felices en nuestra encantadora casa de vacaciones! ¡100% de confianza y recomendación de nuestra parte!

Paola y Mauro

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