Luks Marbella Investors Club ofrece a los compradores e inversores de propiedades un paquete completo de servicios de asesoría profesional GRATUITOS y completamente independiente en la Costa del Sol.

No vendemos propiedades, ayudamos a los compradores a encontrar o construir la propiedad adecuada teniendo en cuenta presupuesto, ubicación y objetivos en términos de retorno de la inversión y utilización, entre otras variables.

Tenemos acceso a todas las propiedades listadas por más de 1,400 agencias inmobiliarias en la Costa del Sol, así como a ofertas de reposesión bancaria, nuevas promociones y oportunidades de desarrollo de terrenos.

Con nuestro equipo de expertos, que hemos construido desde 2013 incluido nuestro asesor financiero independiente registrado por EFPA y totalmente calificado, podemos proporcionarle las consultas legales, fiscales, bancarias, arquitectónicas y de diseño de interiores más completas y profesionales.

¡Contáctenos hoy para una consulta personalizada, GRATUITA y sin compromiso!


Villa - Chalet
Nueva Promoción: Precios desde € 1,350,000 a € 1,490,000. [Dormitorios: 3 a 4] [Baños: 3 a ...
3 3 229 m2 86 m2
Apartamento Planta Baja
Nueva Promoción: Precios desde € 313,000 a € 1,667,000. [Dormitorios: 1 a 3] [Baños: 1 a 3 ...
1 1 80 m2 19 m2
Apartamento Planta Media
Nueva Promoción: Precios desde € 335,000 a € 699,000. [Dormitorios: 2 a 4] [Baños: 2 a 3] ...
2 2 93 m2 27 m2

🗺✈️Can’t travel to Spain but still want to buy property on Costa del Sol ☀️?

2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣This year can be described in many different ways, but “normal” or “easy” aren’t any of them.

Experts say that by the middle of 2021, the situation will stabilize and the travel 🏙restrictions, amongst other emergency 🚨 measures should all be lifted. But this is still a few months away...

🌅Many of our clients don’t want to wait this long before making their step of purchasing a property here on Costa del Sol.

Especially the UK 🇬🇧 clients, who are keen to become Spain 🇪🇸 resident before Brexit has been finalized and this becomes much more complex for them.

Our team has been completing property transactions this year on their behalf remotely, making it a smooth and secure process from the comfort of the clients’ sofa 🛋.

Now we have all the necessary tools in place to do this, including:

💻 Virtual 360 degree tours
📲 Live vídeo viewings of the properties with our clients
🗃Power of Attorney, enabling all the required documentation, NIE numbers, bank accounts and signing to be performed by our lawyer remotely
🔖 Digital signatures to enable the reservation and private purchase contracts to be signed by email
🖥Zoom meetings with a lawyer, financial advisor, and even interior designers to keep the personal factor in the process

We are 💯 ready, experienced and logistically prepared to assist our clients in making this exciting step to their perfect home 🏡 in Marbella.

📱Contact us today to find and help buy your dream property!
🌐You can also check out some of the fantastic properties available on our web

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👉Buying newbuild and off plan properties - what you need to know

🏗 Demand for off-plan properties has been at its peak on Costa del Sol this year. It has always been a popular option for many reasons, but the pandemic has made it even more hot

Just in terms of larger developments (8 properties +), there are currently over 350 newbuild complexes on the Coast

✅Some of the reasons why so many more are opting for an off plan property are quite simple -
1️⃣good investment because of more advantageous prices
2️⃣possibility to personalize, and
3️⃣payment planning

At the same time, there are many precautions 📝 to take into account when purchasing off plan:

📌Builder-promoter ‘s track record
📌Bank guarantees
📌Small print of contracts
📌Delivery deadline commitments, controls and certifications process
📌Communal infrastructure and, also possible future fees
📌Quality specifications
📌Buyer market that it’s aimed at
📌Local environment

❗️Also, keep in mind that the costs 💰for buying newbuilds are a little higher - normally the prices don’t include 10% VAT and 1,5% AJD tax (apart from the usual 1% legal fee and notary fees).
So, for example, on a property with value of €500,000, being newbuild instead of 2nd hand, additional costs can be approximately 2,5% higher, so around €12,500.

♻️This is off set though by the 30-35% market price discount for buying in the early stages of the construction process (prices are often raised +-10% with each key stage completion)

📲Contact us today for the best value quality newbuild and off plan property options available for your preferences and budget 💻 / ⌨️

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🔖💶Property investment during Covid-19 crisis

🧰Ever since the lockdown in March’20, we’ve had more calls from our investor clients than ever : “What’s happening in the market, how far will the prices fall?”, “What bargains are there right now to invest in?”....

🎰The present, let alone the future, is more uncertain than ever, so the best we can do, is to point to some facts:

⚓️Marbella and Costa del Sol ☀️will always be top choice 📍for tourists, also likely for the next 2-3 years, tourism ✈️will become more exclusive, as the middle class and budget travellers 💺will, unfortunately, suffer much more the effects of the economic downturn

⚓️ Many tourism 🗺focused businesses are closing due to the effects of this year’s events. Some need to sell much more urgently than others, so many distressed assets are on the market (although most of them will be sold privately off market)

⚓️Property 🏘, compared to many other forms of investment, will always retain its value, at least mid term. Watching “secure” corporate and even government bonds and stocks collapse, it reminds us that traditional bricks 🧱 and land are safer

⚓️ Demand for high quality, sustainable modern new builds 🏙on Costa del Sol has soared this year, especially from entrepreneurs from capital cities around the world 🌎

📌In our opinion, this is the best time to invest at 2-4 year Return On Investment with:

✅ Bargain rural estates to convert in Bed & Breakfast/ Retreats and Eco farms
✅ Off plan property projects (only from the most reliable builders 🏗 -promoters)
✅ Low priced residential buildings to convert into co-living community projects
✅ Liquid prime location (beachside) apartments to reform (*these opportunities come and go within 1-2 days, so be ready to act fast)

👉Our team, including our Director Juan Manuel Velilla, EFPA qualified financial adviser, is here to guide you through the best property investment options for your budget, style and ROI preferences

📲Contact us today for a no obligation consultation / 💻

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🤝🏡How do we work to find your perfect home?

🌐This year there have been some changes in our normal working conditions, due to some travel 🛩restrictions that many of our clients have been affected.

♻️So, we adapted and developed some new tools and technology, to make sure that our clients still have 💯 secure and smooth home purchase.

📌Normally our clients work exclusively with us, as we have access to all the best properties on Costa del Sol and they want to save time and energy, whilst avoiding duplicate efforts & confusion.

📋Once we have understood the full detailed briefing from our clients and assess them on the areas, available offers, prices and infrastructure, we ▶️prepare the initial property selection for them

◀️ After your feedback on this initial selection, we further filter the selection and start more personalized search across many sources, also comparing prices 💶 for the same properties from different agencies

🛣We then arrange property viewings - this year, many of them we do remotely - visiting the properties with a videocall 📲📹to our clients

💼👩‍💼 Once the client has chosen their property, we arrange many different checks 📝🗃⚒, often with construction 🔨, legal & urbanistic professionals

💰💪Then we negotiate on behalf of our client, the best possible price € and sale conditions

👨‍💻We proceed to a reservation of the property, whilst continuing to facilitate our clients with all possible steps - financing, power of attorney for those who can’t come to Spain 🇪🇸, as well as interior design of their home, finding school for their children, etc 🧩

🔑 Our job is done ✅ only once our happy clients have moved in happy 😊 into their fully ready home 🏡

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Estamos muy contentos de que haya un servicio tan rápido y exclusivo como el de Luks Marbella Investors Club, y por supuesto, hay una gran ventaja de que sus servicios son absolutamente gratuitos para los compradores de propiedades.

Nos escucharon atentamente y comprendieron perfectamente nuestras necesidades y nos ayudaron a cumplirlas en condiciones ideales y en poco tiempo.

No tuvimos que ir a las agencias por separado; todo el trabajo de búsqueda, selección, coordinación de visitas, comunicación con agencias y propietarios, negociación y organización de todos los demás elementos del proceso de compra para nosotros fue organizado por su equipo.

Gracias a ellos, no solo ahorramos tiempo, sino también dinero. Con su ayuda, adquirimos nuestra propiedad en las condiciones más favorables ya que representan sólo nuestros intereses como compradores y no los intereses de vendedores o intermediarios.

✅¡En el futuro, planeamos comprar solo a través de Luks Marbella y también lo recomendamos a nuestros amigos!

Nikolay y Anna

Mi experiencia ha sido muy buena! Han sido muy profesionales y han hecho todo el proceso de compra de mi propiedad muy fácil y agradable.

Mi solicitud fue hacerlo rápido y me han apoyado por todo el camino, ¡incluso en áreas en las que ni hubiera pensado que podrían ayudarme!

¡Sus servicios son 1000% recomendados! ¡Gracias, Marina y Juan!


✅Si desea comprar una casa en la Costa del Sol, le recomendamos que utilice los servicios de Luks Marbella Investors Club.

✅Teníamos prioridades y requisitos claros, con ciertas condiciones financieras, y gracias a Marina y Juan, hemos logrado hacer realidad nuestro sueño.

✅Apreciamos mucho su paciencia, consejo y asistencia en cada paso del proceso. Organizaron más de 20 visitas según nuestros criterios, coordinándolos personalmente con todas las agencias y propietarios.

✅E incluso cuando parecía que la transacción ya no tendría lugar (debido a la culpa del vendedor), aún así pudieron proteger nuestros intereses y ayudar a resolver los problemas que habían surgido.

Así que, ¡les damos las gracias de Año Nuevo y nuestras recomendaciones sinceras desde nuestra nueva casa familiar!

Natalia y Cristian

¡Recomendamos a Luks Marbella Investors Club y su equipo profesional por ayudarnos a encontrar y comprar nuestra casa de vacaciones perfecta en Marbella!

Íbamos a contactar a diferentes agencias inmobiliarias pero nos dimos cuenta de que este servicio gratuito de asistencia en la compra de propiedad significó todo eso y mucho más por nosotros.

Entendieron exactamente lo que necesitábamos y rápidamente encontraron algunas opciones excelentes para elegir, coordinaron todo con los bancos, agencias y organizaron todas las visitas. Nos acompañaron personalmente, nos asesoraron sobre todos los beneficios y desventajas potenciales de diferentes áreas y urbanizaciones, nos ayudaron a obtener una hipoteca y un gran asesor legal, así como nos ayudaron a negociar y cerrar el trato.

Usando sus servicios el proceso fue mucho más fácil y conveniente, sobre todo porque vivimos en Londres y nos organizaron todo de forma remota.

¡Ahora estamos muy felices en nuestra encantadora casa de vacaciones! ¡100% de confianza y recomendación de nuestra parte!

Paola y Mauro

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