The Costa del Sol is becoming increasingly attractive for investments and property purchases. Excellent climate, rich historical heritage, vibrant cultural life are known in many parts of Europe and the whole world. Property on the coast is bought for their own residence, and for the purpose of investment.

Malaga, the capital of the province, has its own airport, railway station and seaport. Malaga has many hotels, restaurants, shops, business centers and stadiums, there are also theaters, concert halls and museums. In the historical center there are historical monuments, such as the Roman Amphitheater, the Arab fortress of Alcazaba and the Cathedral, built by the Catholic kings after the Reconquista.

Malaga hosts annual music and film festivals, concerts of local and foreign stars, business conferences and meetings, traditional festivals and carnivals. The University of Malaga is considered one of the best in Spain. There are many language schools in the city, where people of all ages and nationalities come to learn both Spanish and English.

The average cost of housing per square meter in the secondary market at the end of 2017 was 1,934 euros, at the end of 2018 - 2,229 euros, while housing in the historic center still costs more than 5,000 euros per square meter. The average cost of a residential property in Malaga is 220,000 euros.

Buying a property in Malaga is for you if you need to be at the center of business and cultural life, your children are planning to study at a university or at language courses, or if you work in the provincial capital.

Torremolinos is located west of Malaga, the areas of Playamar and Carihuela are located directly near the coastline, and the central part of the city is sited on a cliff. The main attractions of the city are the Torre de los Molinos Tower, which gave the name to the city, the church of San Miguel, the patron saint of Torremolinos, and San Miguel Street with restaurants and shops. Torremolinos is famous for its fish restaurants.

The cost per square meter of housing in the secondary market at the end of 2017 was 2,414 euros, at the end of 2018 - 2259 euros.

Buying a home in Torremolinos is worth it if your children study at one of the colleges or if you like coastal areas with wide beaches and embankments and the proximity of the airport and the capital is important.

Benalmadena is the next city after Torremolinos to the west of Malaga, between them is the yacht port of Puerto Marina. The city has excellent infrastructure, wide embankments, the city park Paloma, the Dolphinarium and aquarium, an amusement park and a cable car. It is comfortable to live here for families with small children and pensioners. New residential areas are located in the western part of the city, here are also two English colleges.

The square meter of housing in the secondary market at the end of 2017 was 1968 euros, and at the end of 2018 - 2090 euros.

Buying a house in Benalmadena is worth it if your children attend one of the English colleges, if the democratic atmosphere of the city and its proximity to the airport and Malaga are close to you.

Mijas Pueblo is located on the top of a mountain a few kilometers from the coast.  The town is known for its burro taxi, there are many observation platforms, there is the Museum of Modern Art and the Wine Museum, several churches, shops, including souvenir shops, an art gallery.

Mijas Costa is located along the coast and includes Fuengirola, areas of La Cala, El Faro, Qaalonda. Here are great beaches, several shopping centers, restaurants and cafes with excellent fish cuisine. Concerts and festivals are held in the Soyle Fortress, and between the coastal part and the village there are several golf courses and an hippodrome.

A square meter of housing in 2017 cost an average of 1,539 euros, and in 2018 - 1817.

You should buy housing here, if your children study in one of the local colleges, El Faro and La Cala areas are suitable for lovers of beautiful landscapes, and villas in the foothills of Mijas Pueblo are for those who want to be close to nature. 

Marbella is known for its cosmopolitan and active life, where business and entertainment events, exhibitions, forums and conferences often take place. Marbella offers its residents an excellent microclimate, luxury hotels and restaurants with the best cuisine. In the city and near there are several golf courses, country clubs and tennis courts. This is a great place to live for the highest quality.

The cost per square meter in Marbella in 2017 was at the level of 2,667 euros, in 2018 - 2,733.

In Marbella, it is worth buying real estate to those who value comfort and luxury, from whom children are going to study at one of Marbella colleges or at Le Roche University, those who have or plan business here, who like the atmosphere and climate, who care about the great Russian-speaking diaspora.

Benahavis is considered an elite place, where live those who appreciate proximity to nature and lead a healthy lifestyle. In Benahavis, several golf clubs and sports complexes, the city is famous for its restaurants with exquisite cuisine. A square meter of housing in Benahavis in 2017 cost 2156 euros, at the end of 2018 - 2343 euros.

Estepona is the closest to the ocean from all cities of the coast , there is a wonderful seafood market. The city center has retained its authenticity, but residential complexes are mostly recently built. From places to visit there is the Selwo Aventura park, the Orchidarium in the city center, the Los Pedregales recreation area, the Hedionda mineral spring and Casares - an amazing town on the top of the mountain. Estepona has several golf clubs, tennis courts, a karting and a riding school.

The cost per square meter of secondary housing in 2017 averaged 1,898 euros, and at the end of 2018, - 2,066 euros.

In Estepona, it is worth buying property for those who care about proximity to the ocean, who appreciate the atmosphere, who like luxury and a measured way of life.

Manilva is located in the westernmost part of the coast, including the town of San Luis de Sabinias and the yacht port of La Duquez. On the territory of the municipality there are tennis courts, basketball courts and football fields, conditions for lovers of windsurfing, diving, sailing and golf. This part of the coast is located away from the noisy tourist areas of the Costa del Sol.

The cost per square meter of housing in the secondary market in 2017 was 1,434 euros per square meter, and at the end of 2018 - 1504 euros.

It is worth buying real estate for those who appreciate peace, comfort and silence.

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