Luks Marbella Investors Club: a full “turn-key” package of professional services for the hassle-free purchase and management of investment properties on Costa del Sol, also available remotely from anywhere in the world

Before we tell you in more detail about the services of our Investors Club, let’s review some of the key factors that convinced us to launch this project in our 5th successful year of Luks Marbella:

  • Tourism in Spain, and in particular in the province of Malaga, has been growing every year, constantly breaking new records. In 2017, the number of tourists arriving at Malaga airport already exceeded 1.3 million and this trend is predicted to continue growing in 2018 and beyond
  • This has resulted in full hotel occupancy during the peak season, as well as constant shortage of holiday rental accommodation on Costa del Sol
  • The number of property transactions of residential property has also increasing, in Spain overall, and especially in the province of Malaga. Already in the first half of 2017, growth compared to the same period in the previous year, was registered at 12.4%, totaling 17,750 transactions in Malaga
  • Return on investment from purchase of properties with short-term rental income is 300-400% higher than offered by bank products and most other financial instruments in Europe
  • On average, professionally selected real estate with rental through a reliable specialized agency earns the owner-investor profit of 4-6% per year from short-term rent to tourists during 6 months per year, leaving the owner the remaining 6 months of the year to enjoy the use of their property
  • Spanish banks are once again keen to offer mortgages to both residents and non-residents, on average up to 60% of the value of property for non-residents and up to 80% for Spanish residents
  • Since January 3, 2018, Spain has joined other EU countries in implementing the financial consumer protection law, regarding the obligatory professionalization and certification of Financial and Investment advisory services. It regulates professionals in this field, thus providing transparency and peace of mind to investors that are consulting with those who are trained, qualified and authorized by the EU to do so. One of such qualifications is EFPA (European Financial Planning Association), and our Director Juan Manuel Velilla hold this title.
  • Residential property prices in the province of Malaga in the first half of last year increased by an average of 10.4%, with an extraordinary growth in the eastern region of the province (the municipalities of Marbella, Mijas and Estepona) – over 45%! In particular, for example, in Torremolinos, the growth reached 19.4%, and in Fuengirola 12%. (more details:
  • Having said this, property prices in the province of Malaga are still currently undervalued on average by 24%, compared to 2007 levels
  • Although now less frequently than in the previous 2 years, excellent property “bargains”, including bank repossessions, are still to be had on Costa del Sol. Such opportunities will also be presented to our clients, as they arise through our well connected property partners and can represent an almost immediate return on investment of up to 25% over 6-12 months. They do require immediate decision and purchase, as they are snapped up within 2-3 days maximum.
  • Of course, property prices may rise or fall temporarily, but the fact remains that such a beautiful Mediterranean sea resort, part of EU and with its stable currency, with a sunny warm climate 320 days of the year, direct airport access and constantly growing holiday and residential infrastructure, will always remain the strongest option for holiday makers and investors

So, if once you have given these facts and statistics some thought, you decide to take the next step in investing in real estate on Costa del Sol through a professional team, led by an EFPA-authorized investment consultant with more than 15 experience years, we would be delighted to discuss with you the most advantageous offers for investment properties for your budget and current financial situation.

Our services, which do not represent any additional costs for investors, include a full service package from A to Z:

  • Personal consultation and selection of optimal investment properties for your budget, timeline and requirements, including review of the most beneficial tax and financing opportunities
  • Professional detailed Business Plan for each of the properties
  • Assistance with the property purchase – remotely through a power of attorney, or through personally accompanied visits and meetings
  • Facilitation of the bank mortgage application and selection
  • Coordination of professional quotes and implementation of any required repairs and refurbishment to the property
  • Short-term holiday rental management through one of our reliable local agencies, including also any rental-related items – from cleaning to household repairs
  • Consultation and assistance on the future resale of the property

Investor Club Luks Marbella is not a real estate agency – instead, we are completely independent representatives of our investor clients´ interests, rather than those of property sellers. To do so, over the years we have carefully researched and chosen our partners as an extension of our Property investment “dream team” – we collaborate with the most reputable and reliable property sales and short-term rental agencies on the Costa del Sol, as well as construction companies, interior designers, lawyers and bank mortgage specialists.

We are backed not only by our personal and professional reputation and many years of international experience (which you can easily reference through word of mouth and our LinkedIn historical business recommendations), but also by the EU´s EFPA regulation and the expertise of our specialist partners.

Our service is also available to investors in any part of the world remotely, through a Power of Attorney.

Investment properties start from €70,000 for a studio-apartment with sea views, €210,000 for a townhouse, and go all the way up to €3,900,000 for a luxury villa, or a multi-property deal, all with possible partial financing.

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