Luks Marbella Investors Club offers property buyers and investors a full package of FREE and completely independent professional advisory services on Costa del Sol.

We don´t sell properties, we assist you in finding, or building, just the right one for you and for your budget, location and objectives in terms of Return on investment and use.

We have access to all properties listed by over 1,400 real estate agencies on the Coast, as well as bank repossession bargains, off-plan properties and land development opportunities.

Our expert team that we have built since 2013, including our fully qualified EFPA registered independent financial adviser, can provide you with the most comprehensive professional legal, tax, banking, architectural and interior design consultations.

Contact us TODAY for your personalised, FREE, no-obligation consultation!

Benalmadena Middle Floor Apartment
New Development: Prices from € 345,000 to € 859,000. [Bedrooms: 2 to 3] [Bathrooms: 2 to 2] [Built Size: 94m2 to 153m2] ...
2 2 94 m2 31 m2
Cancelada Townhouse
New Development: Prices from € 370,000 to € 476,000. [Bedrooms: 2 to 3] [Bathrooms: 3 to 3] [Built Size: 202m2 to 222m2 ...
2 3 202 m2 22 m2

Most of our clients since pandemia are working with us remotely from their home countries.

It’s a huge responsibility for us to advise and to help purchase their dream home when they can’t be here to check it out for themselves.

All our agents are specially trained and experienced in providing such clients with many additional services, to make it as exciting and secure experience, as if they were here. Here some of them:

✅ Area research - apart from supplying them with all the factual information, we also do “video drives” 🚗 📲with them around the neighborhood

✅ Quality control - as they can’t check out the built quality for their “snag list” when receiving the keys 🔑 to their home, we have a construction 🦺 expert that does this for them

✅ NIE, bank account 💳and other legal tasks - trusted international lawyers in our legal department take care of all these tasks on our clients’ behalf via Power of Attorney

✅ Post-Sales service - this is a big part of our job - our client relationships are long term, and they don’t end when the sale is completed. We cover All aspects from interior design to utilities management, rentals, insurance and many others

With experience of over 100 remote property clients over the past year, you can be sure our Dream Team can take care of all your needs and eliminate many of the potential risks and disappointments!

📲 Contact us Today to start your first steps towards Marbella Home & Lifestyle you deserve!!

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🏖Marbella Home & Lifestyle You Deserve 😎

Why us?

We don’t offer you what we have - we go and search 🔦 high and low to find exactly what you want

We don’t sell - we help you buy your dream home at best possible conditions and price

We make it fun, exciting and safe to purchase

Our relationship with our clients goes beyond the sale - it lasts a long time, making your Marbella lifestyle also as amazing as you hoped

With our VIP Club founded in 2013, you can enjoy so many great perks, 🎁 bonuses, exclusive events and special offers from our many fantastic partners

Within our international team of 20 of the best real estate professionals in Spain, you will be looked after at least by 3 specialist managers at all times

We ❤️ Marbella, property and our clients, join our happy club! /

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5 Facts you need to know about Marbella property market

As a top leading agency on the Coast, we often receive clients that are not familiar with some of the procedures of the local property market and have fallen into some traps and ask for our help to get out of.

❗️Avoid these mistakes and misunderstandings and choose your agency and property keeping them in mind to make your property purchase to be SAFE, SMOOTH & SUCCESSFUL!

✅ On a sale, the agency is paid by the seller, so as a buyer you shouldn’t have to pay any comission for the purchase

✅ Too often ads on the internet for properties that “seem too good to be true”, are just a way to attract clients and aren’t actually available

✅ Majority of agencies have access to 80% of the same properties, yet some of them will only offer you options that are more profitable for them to sell

✅ When you contact an agency or a seller about a property, you’re registered as their client and can’t be represented by another agency for the same property

✅ Reputable agencies will insist on you using a legal professional to represent your purchase and to inform you of any possible risks, including at reservation stage

These are just a few issues clients can encounter if they’re not represented by a prestigious and honorable agency.

Research the agency before committing to them, ask for references, there are several experienced agencies on the Coast that will also do a great job for you.

Contact us for an honest experienced opinion and advice!

For exclusive clients our A- team will make Your Marbella Home & Lifestyle you deserve a dream come true!

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‼️Hot news‼️

🏆Newbuild Property Awards 2021🏆

After several months of careful planning, we’re nearly ready to launch 🚀 The Project of the year for the newbuild property sector of Costa del Sol!

The time has come to evaluate and reward the stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 of this booming market that is beating all records!

Who’s the best Property Developer? 🏗 We have 3 categories for you to vote 🗳 your favourites!

What about the best Promoter of newbuild projects? Here we also have 3 categories to choose from!

Also, you will be able to vote for the best newbuild developments from over 450 that are currently on offer on the coast 🏖

Of course there will be Awards for the Best Architect and interior designer

Supported by the most prominent Jury - key organizations, media partners and townhalls, these Awards will be the prestigious opportunity for the leaders to shine and be rewarded for their excellent work and standards!

Our clients deserve to know and choose truly the best of the developments, so the winners 🥇 will receive the maximum PR and support from the industry and property buyers alike!

🤩Are you as excited as we are?

Stay tuned for more updates!!

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We are very pleased that there is such a prompt, exclusive service from Luks Marbella Investors Club, and of course there is a huge plus that their services are absolutely free for property buyers!

They listened to us carefully and fully understood our needs for buying real estate and helped us fulfill it in ideal conditions and in a short time.

We didn’t have to go to the agencies separately - all the work on searching, compiling, coordinating viewings, communicating with agencies and owners, negotiating and organizing all other elements of the buying process for us was organized by their team.

Thanks to them, we not only saved time, but also finances. With their help, we acquired the property under the most favorable conditions, since they represent only our interests as buyers and not the interests of sellers or intermediaries.

  ✅In the future we plan to buy only through Luks Marbella Investors Club and we also recommend it to our friends!

Nikolay and Anna

My experience has been sooooo good! They have been very professional and have made the whole process of purchasing a property very smooth and easy.

 My request was to do it quickly and they have been supporting me all the way, in more areas that i wouldn't have thought they could assist me with!!!

 I 1000% recommend their services! Thank you Marina and Juan!!


✅If you want to buy a house on the Costa del Sol, then we highly recommend that you use the services of a personal shopper of Luks Marbella Investors Club

✅We had clear priorities and requirements with certain financial conditions and, thanks to Marina and Juan, we still managed to make our dream a reality.

✅We greatly appreciate their patience, advices and assistance at every step of the process. They organized more than 20 viewings for us according to our criteria, coordinating them personally with all agencies and owners.

✅And even when it seemed that the transaction would no longer take place (due to the seller’s fault), they still managed to protect our interests and help with the solution of the problems that had arisen.

So, many New Year's thanks to you and our sincere recommendations from our new family home!

Natalia and Christian

We highly recommend Luks Marbella Investors Club and their professional team for helping us find and buy our perfect holiday home in Marbella!

We were going to contact different real estate agencies, but realized that this free “personal property shopping” service means that they do all that and so much more for us!

They understood exactly what we needed and quickly found us some great options to choose from, coordinated with banks, agencies and organised all viewings, accompanied us personally, advised us on all the potential benefits and disadvantages of different areas and urbanizations, assisted us in getting a mortgage and a great legal advisor, helped us negotiate and close the deal. Using them has made the whole process so much easier and more convenient, especially as we live in London and they managed everything for us remotely.

Now  we are happy in our lovely new holiday home! 100% trusted and recommended!!

Paola and Mauro

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