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We offer property buyers and investors a full package of FREE and completely independent professional advisory services on Costa del Sol.

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Luks Marbella Investors Club offers property buyers and investors a full package of FREE and completely independent professional advisory services on Costa del Sol. We don´t sell properties, we assist you in finding, or building, just the right one for you and for your budget, location and objectives in terms of Return on investment and use. We have access to all properties listed by over 1,400 real estate agencies on the Coast, as well as bank repossession bargains, off-plan properties and land development opportunities. Our expert team that we have built since 2013, including our fully qualified EFPA registered independent financial adviser, can provide you with the most comprehensive professional legal, tax, banking, architectural and interior design consultations.






Welcome to the new era of LM Group🌟 We are overwhelmed by the tremendous support and enthusiasm shown by each and every one of you who graced us with your presence. Your presence added an extra layer of excitement and joy to the event, and we are immensely grateful for your support.

It was a night filled with inspiration, connections, and the promise of great things to come. From engaging conversations to captivating presentations, we were truly in awe of the collective energy and passion in the room.

We’ve captured some magical moments from the event, and we can’t wait to share them with you! Swipe through these pictures to relive the memories and experience the vibrant atmosphere of the evening. Each click is a testament to the incredible individuals who have made this new chapter possible.

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💚Message from the founders:

Juan & Marina sharing some of their 10-year company journey milestones:

• When we set up the company back in 2013, we honestly had no plan, no strategy. It was born completely organically, and for several years we just kept growing with it

• Our biggest growth came during the lockdown crisis when we knew we had to change in a big way to adapt to the “new world”. This included conquering new markets and investing in technology to enable clients to purchase remotely safely

•We firmly believe that our biggest asset is our #DreamTeam - fantastic people will always be at the core of any success. Nurturing and optimizing their talent and skills, whilst appreciating their amazing character and personality. Our senior management @Polina, @Mona and @Viktoria all joined us back in the day without any real estate experience and have over time become some of the best professionals in the market and the pillars of the company

• Our plans for this next decade is to continue to add value for our clients, which means some new business directions for us.

We look forward to partnering up with some strong market leaders to achieve this. Watch this space! ✨

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Ever wondered what the realtor lifestyle at LMG looks like? 💚

Today we share with you just a glimpse of the lifestyle Marbella has to offer!

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We love Marbella and we are sure you will too! ☀️Here are some great activities to enjoy in our amazing city!

What’s your favorite? 💚


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