Luks Marbella Investors Club offers property buyers and investors a full package of FREE and completely independent professional advisory services on Costa del Sol.

We don´t sell properties, we assist you in finding, or building, just the right one for you and for your budget, location and objectives in terms of Return on investment and use.

We have access to all properties listed by over 1,400 real estate agencies on the Coast, as well as bank repossession bargains, off-plan properties and land development opportunities.

Our expert team that we have built since 2013, including our fully qualified EFPA registered independent financial adviser, can provide you with the most comprehensive professional legal, tax, banking, architectural and interior design consultations.

Contact us TODAY for your personalised, FREE, no-obligation consultation!

Ground Floor Apartment
New Development: Prices from € 313,000 to € 1,667,000. [Bedrooms: 1 to 3] [Bathrooms: 1 t ...
1 1 80 m2 19 m2
Detached Villa
New Development: Prices from € 1,290,000 to € 1,425,000. [Bedrooms: 3 to 4] [Bathrooms: 3 ...
3 3 229 m2 86 m2
Middle Floor Apartment
New Development: Prices from € 369,000 to € 699,000. [Bedrooms: 2 to 4] [Bathrooms: 2 to ...
2 2 93 m2 30 m2

You know that February feeling of...

☀️Sun is shining, it’s 11h and you’re having champagne 🥂 brunch 🥐 out on the terrace in your t-shirt

☀️Laughter and support all around from an amazing A-team - All for One and One for All!

☀️15 different languages and nationalities all together at one big table

☀️ There’s lots of fun and success to plan and celebrate 🎉

That was us this morning! Thank you each and every one of our fabulous team members, partners and clients that make every day a special occasion!

Happy weekend!

(not with us today missing here are Natalia in sunny Dubai, Hooman in snowy Stockholm, Vladimir in rainy Bilbao and Ramón & John)

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The trend of moving to Marbella from abroad is beating all records

Our phones 📱 are on fire 🔥- we have now added 2 more colleagues into our LuksMarbella family just to manage the high demand from a fast growing number of clients wishing to move to Marbella

🌇The most frequent case is people living and working in capital cities around Europe wishing to buy a home here, first to spend a few months a year, but with the objective of moving here permanently

With everything that’s happened over the past year, many realized that they can be based anywhere in the world to continue to run their business or telework. So, they decided that they wanted a “paradise refuge” where they can do that, whilst enjoying a top quality lifestyle 🏖

The same thing happened to our founders - Juan and Marina 10 years ago - living in Madrid at the time, and having just had their first baby, they wanted better family lifestyle and busy city and move to Marbella

Both adapted their work to be able to do it remotely, and so they packed a suitcase 🧳 and came for 3 days to view houses 🏡 on the Coast ☀️

🗺It’s from their less than positive experience with the agencies and the search for a new home in Marbella, that they first had the idea of one day setting up a company that would provide the dedicated service clients deserve to help them find their dream property and move

So, we know first hand what our clients want from a professional to assist in the whole process of moving to Costa del Sol

✅From carefully listening and understanding the wishes and requirements, to bringing them to life - consultation on the most suited areas, infrastructure, community, to the perfect home and all other aspects that go with it

➡️Talk to one of our 15 expert team members, in your language, about what your hopes and dreams are for the happy Marbella lifestyle and allow us to help you make it come true!


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Did you know?

Our “legal eagle 🦅”
Irina Selegenenko answers 3 of the most frequently asked questions about property purchase and residency in Spain

Irina is specialized in immigration, property and corporate law and in finding solutions even for the most complex situations.

She has excelled in assisting our international clients, especially in the recent constantly changing laws and circumstances.

Q: What happens now post-Brexit to the UK 🇬🇧 citizens that wish to move to Spain 🇪🇸?

A: As of 01/01/2021, they’re considered non-EU citizens, which means they will have to apply for residency, in the same way that any other non-European country’s nationals


Q: Golden visa - could the property purchase requirement of €500,000 to be eligible for this be split into more than one property?

A: Yes, it can be 1, 2 or more properties, that in total exceed €500,000 purchase price. (* this must be the minimum non-mortgaged payment part )


Q: What if I want to move to Spain from a non-UK country and buy a property, but the price is less than €500,000, what other types of residency could I apply for?

A: Apart from the Golden/Investor visa, you could also apply for 1) Non-lucrative visa (without the right to work), 2) Temporary residence and work permit (with a contract from an employer in Spain or with a business plan as self-employed applicant) and 3) Student visa.

Have more legal questions? 📲Contact us for Irina’s professional consultation

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Why Luks Marbella - our story

Luks Marbella started in 2013 initially with the idea of a lunch 🥗(like many good ideas start 😎)

The lunch was to unite Russian speaking business women on Costa del Sol ☀️ and give them a platform for networking, uniting, developing relationships and projects together 🤝

Lunch with about 45 ladies turned into a brainstorming session on what else could make their business and social life better.

From there, very quickly we launched a digital Business Guide, a VIP Club, TV, web, and our many events.

That first year was explosive - with these platforms we didn’t just unite the Russian speaking community, but also became the bridge 🌉 between them and the local international networks

👉Many new friendships and collaborations later, our Investors Club was launched by high demand, which originally was to serve the members of our VIP club, but soon grew into an international property buyers channel

Our service is still exclusive in that its niche is to only represent the interests of the buyers, investors and tenants, not the sellers’

🗺Additional services to our clients include all types of collaborations that we had built over the years through our VIP club and other activities

📌So, our focus is not selling a property, but to provide our clients with the dream home, business and lifestyle they deserve

🛤Our philosophy is long term relationships with our clients beyond the property, to be their guide to a happy family life on Costa del Sol.

🧩So, many of our new clients are friends and family of our existing clients, which is what we strive for - a close circle of friends and family united through our Investors and VIP club and supported by all our team, partners, exclusive events and platforms

🎟Want to join our happy club? Contact us today for the best lifestyle, which begins with the dream property and has endless benefits and opportunities!

📲 /

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We are very pleased that there is such a prompt, exclusive service from Luks Marbella Investors Club, and of course there is a huge plus that their services are absolutely free for property buyers!

They listened to us carefully and fully understood our needs for buying real estate and helped us fulfill it in ideal conditions and in a short time.

We didn’t have to go to the agencies separately - all the work on searching, compiling, coordinating viewings, communicating with agencies and owners, negotiating and organizing all other elements of the buying process for us was organized by their team.

Thanks to them, we not only saved time, but also finances. With their help, we acquired the property under the most favorable conditions, since they represent only our interests as buyers and not the interests of sellers or intermediaries.

  ✅In the future we plan to buy only through Luks Marbella Investors Club and we also recommend it to our friends!

Nikolay and Anna

My experience has been sooooo good! They have been very professional and have made the whole process of purchasing a property very smooth and easy.

 My request was to do it quickly and they have been supporting me all the way, in more areas that i wouldn't have thought they could assist me with!!!

 I 1000% recommend their services! Thank you Marina and Juan!!


✅If you want to buy a house on the Costa del Sol, then we highly recommend that you use the services of a personal shopper of Luks Marbella Investors Club

✅We had clear priorities and requirements with certain financial conditions and, thanks to Marina and Juan, we still managed to make our dream a reality.

✅We greatly appreciate their patience, advices and assistance at every step of the process. They organized more than 20 viewings for us according to our criteria, coordinating them personally with all agencies and owners.

✅And even when it seemed that the transaction would no longer take place (due to the seller’s fault), they still managed to protect our interests and help with the solution of the problems that had arisen.

So, many New Year's thanks to you and our sincere recommendations from our new family home!

Natalia and Christian

We highly recommend Luks Marbella Investors Club and their professional team for helping us find and buy our perfect holiday home in Marbella!

We were going to contact different real estate agencies, but realized that this free “personal property shopping” service means that they do all that and so much more for us!

They understood exactly what we needed and quickly found us some great options to choose from, coordinated with banks, agencies and organised all viewings, accompanied us personally, advised us on all the potential benefits and disadvantages of different areas and urbanizations, assisted us in getting a mortgage and a great legal advisor, helped us negotiate and close the deal. Using them has made the whole process so much easier and more convenient, especially as we live in London and they managed everything for us remotely.

Now  we are happy in our lovely new holiday home! 100% trusted and recommended!!

Paola and Mauro

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